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Mar 2012
Central Bank

Central Bank Website

Complete site migration from old, broken .NET site to WordPress. Responsive theme with a few custom post types for branch locations and ATMs.

Central Bank - Central Bank Website

This project was completed during my time at Doe-Anderson. Central Bank has been a client of theirs for years. The goal of this project was to move all non-transaction related functions away from a legacy code base.

The home page template was designed by art director Hoon Baik. His job was to match their existing brand style guide and arrange the clients requests for the home page.

I was responsible for the converting the designs into HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I build out the templates in the Wordpress theme. Most of the responsive design was done by me in-browser. Once the template parts were in place I began converting the 300+ pages to Markdown using some scripts and patience. Once the content was cleaned up I migrated the Markdown files to a CSV and batch imported to Wordpress. Once the Markdown was in Wordpress I used a plugin to serve the Markdown as HTML.

Account Tool

account tool

This convoluted method allowed me to quickly clean some dated HTML, and refine from my iPad using Byword to edit the Markdown and Dropbox to sync the files. I could then run daily imports into WordPress.

There was a last minute request from the client to "rebuild our Account Recommendation Tool". A code sprint of a few hours the morning before launching the site made the client pretty happy. Most of the tool was written in JavaScript using jQuery.