About Me

I'm a software engineer living in southern Indiana. When not writing code, I'm busy chasing my wife, two daughters, and two dogs around. I’ve been building websites for the past 12 years. In that time I’ve worked for advertising agencies and tech companies. Clients have spanned healthcare, breweries, banks, motorcycles, and universities.

I also enjoy photography and woodworking when time allows.

By day I work at Generation Tux, an online suit rental company, located in Louisville, Kentucky. I work on the engineering team where I help build and maintain customer facing websites and internal software for the company.

About this site

I make this site using Sublime Text from a 13-inch MacBook Pro. The site is built on GatsbyJS and TailwindCSS. The code is pushed to a git repo on Github. From there the master branch is automatically built, deployed, served via Netlify. Fonts are Verlag and Sentinel from Hoefler & Co.